Need 4 speed – the Orion story

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People are often asking: “Tell me how fast is your platform?” and I’d be: “Well, it depends”. If I was in a good mood, I’d respond “100 000 messages / second”. This is something we have done and serve our customer, but different protocols different type of traffic. The reason for my answer is, that […]

FIWARE & Kubernetes Open Data Platform


UPDATE! configs available in Gitlab For the past half a year or so we (together with HYPERTEGRITY and omp) have been building a solution for the City of Paderborn. The platform is build on top of provided Kubernetes solution. In this post I want to share the essentials that are used. Here is an […]

FIWARE IoT platform Hyper-Tenancy! What is it?


Image this: You as a FIWARE IoT platform owner have your Orion Context Broker running. You have different databases created in Mongo by different Tenants. Multi-tenancy complete! Then someone comes and tells you that “Yeah, multi-tenancy is nice but I want HYPER_TENANCY!” and you are like “What?! Who is this guy and what is he […]