Smart remote heating control 3 – pipes


This post is about pipes. If you do not care about pipes, check out the other blogs.

What do you get when you have pressurised water pipes + cold? Correct, burst pipes! When this happened in Texas, I was laughing. If this happened to me I would be crying. How does one prevent this? Correct, drain the water from the pipes. In addition, put his stuff to the drains and toilet bowl:

It’s basically ethanol. Idea is to prevent freezing and breaking the drains. After that, I drained the pipes. Unplugged the water pump, opened the lowest point I could find (it’s in the pump):

and I let the water flow down the drain. After that I opened this, so water could flow back to the well.

Darkness looking back

I ran the pump few seconds to empty it as much as I could. And then I had to refill the drain with ethanol.

I tried to suck as much water out from the system, but there is still some water in the pipes. I’ll do a post in the spring time when I go to the cottage again and then we’ll see if there is any damage.