Profirator’s Cases of Interest

During these years, we have been developing some pretty interesting and neat solutions. We picked here three which show our breadth and depth.

CASE Public transport provider #1 in Finland

With Contrasec we provide the real time traffic flow from vehicles to Public transport provider #1’s systems. meaning, you can see departure times/predictions on the stop displays and plan your trips with Public transport provider #1 app or journey planner. This is backed up by our mqtt solution.

One reason why we picked this as a showcase was the speed of execution. Public transport provider #1 had an older mqtt system in place and it collapsed. Everything was in tatters and nothing worked. After the initial call it took one week to get prediction system working and after that 4 days to get high frequency positioning system working.

This was only possible with Public transport provider #1’s and our expert staff working as one team.

After things calmed down we took the solution and made it High Available Production system you can rely on all the time. Key tech here is mqtt, EMQ, HA proxy and Erlang.

CASE Austrian city

The Austrian city had an existing solution in place, but the solution could not support some of the use cases and features they had in mind. In co-operation with Verocity and Trigyn we developed a new solution which has technically interesting characteristics: Authentication integration to a custom authorization portal and compliance with stringent customer CI/CD pipeline. You just shoot some junk to the CI/CD pipe and hope all goes well. Nearly zero visibility.

Our new solution is not as wide as the old one, but it’s deeper. It relies on Orion Context broker and few other open source components to provide map visualisation of real time data. Open source – all the time. Key tech here is Orion Context broker, Proxy42, Docker and Python.

This case is currently active.

CASE City of Paderborn

The City of Paderborn published a tender where we participated. In close co-op with other companies, but in particular Hypertegrity, we did some bleeding edge work with Kubernetes and FIWARE components.

The platform is based on FIWARE components and runs on Open Stack based Kubernetes cluster provided by Gitlab has been selected for the CI/CD pipeline.

This has been the most ambitious project so far. It has been a multinational, multi company, multi-tech project. Key tech here is FIWARE, Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes.

Read more on the pages of Paderborn City

This case is currently active.