Profirator – Future compliant IoT solutions

Profirator - Future compliant IoT solutions

Profirator guarantees future compliant, standards based solutions for smart cities, communities and companies alike. Our solutions scale from DIY Proof of Concept to high available regionally distributed production systems. We rely on a few simple principles: Utilizing open source, interoperable, non-vendor locking standard components and interfaces. 

Latest news

25.5. Profirator is now certified Gitlab partner. If you need managed Gitlab, contact us.

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IoT platform

Our IoT solutions rely on a few simple principles: Utilizing open source, non-vendor locking standard compliant FIWARE* components and interfaces. Our IoT solutions scale from DIY Proof of Concept to High available regionally distributed production systems. We cater the big and the small alike.

*We use other open source and closed source components when needed, but OSS has it’s benefits.

MQTT solutions

We have advanced experience in creating and administrating high volume and high availability clustered MQTT message brokers. Over the past years we have figured out the best different architectures and the selection of components that combine the most performance, stability and reliability specialized for each project.

Tailored solutions

MQTT and IoT platforms are our bread and butter, but we do more. With the magical combination of our experts and partners, we can produce wide array of solutions. Our core strengths are deep FIWARE component and ecosystem understanding. We excel at integrations, stable production system creation and operations. Above all, we do our utmost to understand our customers and partners so we can walk the journey together.

Consulting and training

Profirator offers trainings on many areas: FIWARE*, Gitlab, hosting, Kubernetes to mention few. Out team has a track record of hosting trainings to cities, public sector and private sector alike. We can offer trainings in Finnish, English or through our parters, German.

Profirator can advice and consult on many areas: IoT, smart cities, hosting and many more! Did you get interested? Contact for more information.. 

Profirator team

Profirator team has long FIWARE history as component provider and ecosystem contributor. While walking this path we have created partnerships with cities, public bodies and other companies. We focus on our core strengths. We draw strength from the co-operations, and seek to build optimum solutions with our partners.

During these years, we have been developing some pretty interesting and neat solutions. We picked three cases which show our breath and depth.



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